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Ethereum Foundation - Sponsor Bounty at ETHDenver2019!

Company/Project Name and Description

The Ethereum Foundation is excited to support and highlight the development of SNARK-based scaling for Ethereum, courtesy of Barry Whitehat and friends. See https://hackmd.io/s/HyDvec4SN for details. Head to https://t.me/ethdenver_snarks4scaling for guidance, and to provide feedback.

Bounty 1 Overview: Best use of SNARK-based scaling

Prize Amount: $2,000 per team, max of two teams

Bounty 2 Overview: Most creative use of transaction throughput

Prize Amount: $1,000

Bounty 3 Overview: Use SNARKs, help SNARKs!

We have additional $500 bounties for any project that credibly uses SNARK-based scaling techniques, and provides feedback to help Barry, Alex G, Alex V, Harry, and the rest of the folks working on relevant infrastructure.


Judging Criteria

Any of Technical Merit, Potential Usefulness, Quality of feedback provided, Originality, will get our attention.

Contact Information

Albert Ni - albert@ethereum.org

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