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EventLINK : Incentivized/Verified Event Outcomes

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An event scheduler application that allows events to be kickstarted based on "Twitter hypeness". Popular events can then be staked by users, via smart contracts that are able to authenticate stake claimers based on their Keybase profile. This allows for non-interactive event incentivization until the event organizer wants to claim their stake.

Team Members

Max Seesing Henry Nguyen Connor Maloney Sharon Manrique-Jimenez ID's

@MaxSeesing (first contact)




Project Description

When planning any sort of public event, organizers traditionally use rough assumptions to determine the events new location. In conjunction with external Twitter API's, smart contracts and staking mechanisms HypeLINK now quantifies the demand each prospective city might bring by harnessing the power of the crowd to put their money where there mouth is. Furthermore by using the Chainlink oracle event organizers can claim their stake by verifying their identity on Keybase (a widely used identity service that lets you prove your identity harnessing cryptographic signatures)

Tech stack

Twitter API's, PGP/Keybase, React, Typescript, Solidity, Metamask



Bounties Completed


Source code -> Frontend -> Backend


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Max Seesing





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