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Flexible, Upgradeable & Highly Available NFTs

This two part tutorial walks you through from start to finish the process of making NFTs and making them available on OpenSea, Rarebits and the World Wide Web. It uses Netlify and Lambda functions to make sure your metadata is highly available.



Flexible, Upgradeable & Highly Available NFTs

Creating a Flexible NFT (Part 1)

Creating a Flexible Non-fungible token The first part of this tutorial shows you how to deploy a Non-fungible token (NFT) using a technique that makes it easy to update details about your token as infrastructure and your needs change. The second part of this tutorial will show how to create a serverless solution for serving your token details as metadata. This is a widely used web2 infrastructure solution that is cheap and scaleable. It is not decentralized; This is a solution for using the Inte

Billy Rennekamp

27 min read

25 Jun 19

Creating a Flexible NFT (Part 2)

Part 2 Step 1: Make new netlify project We begin Part 2 by creating a web page in the same folder as the rest of our code.touch ./index.html && echo hello world : ) > ./index.html Great thats a beautiful website! Lets deploy it to the internet. Create a git repo, commit your code, and push to the origin:git add . && git commit -m 'new website' && git push -u origin master I use netlify for hosting because they have an all in one package for deploying sites from repositories, running a build proc

Billy Rennekamp

15 min read

25 Jun 19