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Fortmatic - Sponsor Bounty at ETHDenver 2019!

Company/Project Name and Description

Fortmatic Inc.

Fortmatic enables developers to build Web3 DApps without requiring users to download browser extensions or mobile apps before interacting with them. This can be done by adding a couple lines of code, without needing to change any existing Web3 implementation!

Bounty 1 Overview: Build user-friendly DApps using Fortmatic for identity management

Description: Build a DApp project at the hackathon with amazing user experience by integrating with Fortmatic, instead of relying on the UI provided by browser extensions or mobile DApp browsers. Any kind of DApp will qualify for the bounty prize - top 5 projects will be selected based on user experience, practicality and originality and the winning teams will receive a prize of $1000 each!

Prize Amount: $1000

  1. Link to open source code on Github

Judging Criteria

User Experience, Practicality, Originality

Contact Information

Sean Li - sean@fortmatic.com

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