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Interviews with the creators and founders behind Blockchain-based projects


Developer tools

Developer-focussed projects

Fluree: Blockchain, GraphQL, and more all in one database

FlureeDB is a database purpose-built to fit the requirements of modern enterprise applications while providing blockchain capabilities for data security, workflow efficiency, and industry interoperability. Sound intriguing? I thought the same, and if the team behind Fluree delivers everything its promising, the results could be staggering. To find out more about Fluree, I spoke with its Co-CEO, Brian Platz. Hear the full interview below. For over two decades, Brian Platz and Flip Filipowski have

Chris Ward

5 min read

11 Sep 19

True anonymity, privacy, and SNApps with Simon Harman of Loki

In this Blockwatch, I speak with Simon Harman, project lead at Loki, who provides a refreshing, honest, and realistic perspective on Blockchain and privacy. Hear the full interview in the audio version, but here are the highlights to whet your appetite. What is Loki? Loki is an intertwined, decentralized privacy ecosystem that allows users to take advantage of a P2P network of service nodes to browse, transact, and communicate online as anonymously and securely as possible. The team chose the na

Chris Ward

4 min read

16 Sep 19

The Æternity blockchain with Emil Wagner

To match every article dismissing blockchain as a pointless technology that brings nothing new or useful is a project aiming to prove that statement wrong. I recently spoke with Emil Wagner, apps lead at æternity, one such project attempting just this by creating their own blockchain operating system. Like any good project, æternity consists of several components. The Blockchain The æternity team is full of functional programmers, which reflects the blockchain at the core of their technology. Wr

Chris Ward

3 min read

19 Sep 19

Consumer platforms

Platforms for consumers

Embleema: The Blockchain That Lets You Own Your Health Data

Robert Chu founded Embleema in November of 2017 to re-empower patients by applying blockchain to enable the patients to control and share the medical records. Embleema utilizes blockchain to put patients at the center of clinical research. While disrupting the slow, manual and opaque process used today to collect Real World Evidence, Embleema helps Americans monetize their health data. Fonder Robert Chu spent sixteen years at IBM during roles in software and consulting. Later, he worked for INS

Chris Ward

12 min read

23 Sep 19