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Gitcoin’s Sprint To The Holidays

The Gitcoin team has been hard at work throughout the summer and fall growing open source. As we transition into winter, we’ll look back at what we accomplished in Q3 while looking forward to the holiday season.

Our Q4 plans include an extension of our Q3 goals — staying the course + stepping up our infrastructure while meeting our communities in a variety of locations. And — per usual — we’ll have a few holiday surprises for the community. 😉 First, let’s review what happened the last three months.

The Summer In Review

In our last quarterly update, we brought three objectives to the table for Q3.

  • Scale Our Platform & Community 🚀

  • Increase Platform Quality 🛠

  • Build Real Strategic Relationships 🤝

Here’s how we did.

Scale Our Platform & Community 🚀

As we continue to expand into broader areas of open source, we had clear goals to grow the platform from ~$150K in work at the end of June.

  • Grow the platform $500k in active work ( Actual: $361K; $205K in Q3 )

  • Have $150k in Work Done (Actual: $189K) ✅

  • Have 500 bounty hunters (Actual: 405 Bounty Hunters)

  • Have 82 organizations posting bounties, doubling Q2 (Actual: 112!) ✅

  • Launch two new products which impact our ability to grow open source in the web3 community (Launched 1/2… more to come!)

  • Create 10+ self sustaining bounty programs for open source projects in the ecosystem, leveraging our EF grant (Complete, see below) ✅

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