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Google's Season of Docs - Fostering open source collaboration with technical writers

Kauri is passionate about improving developer documentation and experience. At the moment we are working to do this in the Ethereum and Web3 space, in the longer term future we hope to do the same with other open source technologies. We do this with our content platform and helping fund and mentor project documentation improvements. For example, until April 30th we are helping fund documentation improvements to ENS and Plasma Group (components) as part of the Ethereal hackathon.

Google recently announced the "Season of Docs" program where they hope to bring organisations looking to improve their documentation together with writers, and provide a framework to help facilitate this relationship.

As we know that many Web3 projects struggle with the time for documentation, but also with the time for managing community contributions. Following a similar pattern to our involvement with Ethereal, we hope to help projects in our ecosystem looking for documentation improvements by managing task descriptions, mentoring contributors, and helping get contributions ready for merging.

Here are some of the tasks we aim to help as part of Season of Docs, but hope to confirm more:

Watch this post for updates to our involvement with Season of Docs and how to get involved.

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