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How to earn money while workin toward Hacktoberfest

Hacktoberfest is upon us! For all of October you can earn a GitHub T-shirt (and prestige) by submitting at least 5 pull requests after signing up. To celebrate all the amazing contributions being made to Open Source this month, Gitcoin is posting bounties on issues for our favorite projects. We are still taking more Requests , so don’t forget to submit issues from your favorite projects.

We are in the final stretch of Hacktoberfest so Gitcoin are publishing our first batch of bounties. Making a pull request which solves an issue will pay out the bounty to the contributor, and also count toward their Hacktoberfest PRs. Here’s some of the bounties we’ve put up:

Ruby For Good
Core Ethereum projects
SWC Registry
Type Chain
Web3 Swift Implementation
Prysmatic Labs
Trail of Bits

Many of these bounties are funded by Gitcoin with the the goal of growing open source. Many others are funded through grants we’ve received from the Ethereum Foundation in order to support the community and ecosystem. Now get out there and complete some bounties!

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