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How you can contribute to the increased decentralization of the Ethereum blockchain

This series explores the process of setting up your own personal Ethereum node on the blockchain. We cover installing `geth` on a Virtual Private Server, synchronizing your node with the Ethereum blockchain, setting up an SSH tunnel, and configuring MetaMask to interact with your node. As a bonus, the third part covers settingup a simple firewall to protect your remote node.




How to install and synchronize your own remote Ethereum node

This is a two part tutorial. The first part covers the process of installing an Ethereum node remotely on a Virtual Private Server (VPS), synchronizing it with the blockchain, and setting it up to allow secure remote access. Why would you even want to be responsible for your own Ethereum node? At a recent Deconomy conference in Seoul, South Korea, Joe Lubin gave a speech called Why Ethereum Will Become the Global Settlement Layer. In it he stated: We would achieve maximal decentralization of a b

Daniel Ellison

12 min read

24 May 19

Make use of your remote Ethereum node using an SSH tunnel and MetaMask

In the first part of this series we learned how to install and synchronize a geth node with the Ethereum blockchain on a Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS). In this second part we explore secure remote access to this Ethereum node via MetaMask.We also cover how to make everything survive crashes and shutdowns. Setting up an SSH tunnel Setting up a what? This is the confusing process I mentioned earlier. I wont go into details here, but in effect it allows requests made to your local machine to b

Daniel Ellison

12 min read

16 May 19

How to set up a simple Linux firewall

This is the third part of a two part series. In the first part I described how to set up a remote Ethereum node. In the second part I went over setting up an SSH tunnel and using it to access your node with MetaMask. In this article I cover why a Linux firewall is important and describe how to set one up on your remote geth node. WAT FIREWAL?! A firewall is a technology which blocks network traffic to or from a computer. At first that may seem counterproductive. But you can poke holes in your fi

Daniel Ellison

6 min read

16 Jul 19