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iExec V3 for developers

iExec V3 for developers

The V3 of iExec was released on May 15, 2019. Here's a list of useful resources if you want to build on iExec as an app or data provider. This is the official documentation, it's definitely the best place to get started. This is the 'quick start' section if you're in a hurry.

You can talk to the dev team through one of the following channels:

Deploy your app

To get inspired, here's the iexec-apps repo where you will find quasi all V3-ready apps. By the way, you can register your app on the Dapp Store, and we now have a Data Store to monetize your datasets.

CloudCoinAnalysis is a good example on what can be done with iExec.

CLI and JS library

Add a dataset

We're developing several templates for iExec dapps. NSFW App is one of these. This video shows the user workflow.

Here's how to deploy and monetize your dataset thanks to iExec:

Create an oracle

To learn how to create a customised oracle that is decentralized, just go to our DOracle website page:

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