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January 2019 Ethereum Grant Update

Welcome to 2019, and what promises to be an interesting year in the Crypto and Blockchain space. Last year we announced our $25,000 grant program for funding technical content thanks to the Ethereum Foundation.

We're still looking for writers to contribute content on the following topics:

Cryptoeconomic Primitives

  • Token-Curated Registries (TCRs)
  • Bonding Curves
  • Staking

Advanced Introductory Tutorials

  • Assembly in Solidity
  • Ethereum for Rust Developers


  • Cryptoitems with ERC1155
  • Composables (ERC998)

Edge Topics

  • eWASM
  • Sharding

And we're happy to fund articles style content as well as help improve core project documentation. So far from the grant we are funding the following:

  • Plasma MVP comparisons and tutorials
  • Minor Kyokan Plasma MVP documentation improvements
  • WalletConnect core documentation improvements
  • Using Ethereum with GoLang content
  • 0x with ERC721s

And we have the following activities planned:

  • Online and offline workshops for developers looking to improve their writing skills
  • Online and offline workshops for writers looking to improve their technical skills
  • Docs Hackathons covering core technologies relating to the topics above

If you're interested in being involved in any of the above, please let us know.

Email: Twitter: @kauri_io

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