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Kauri Communities are Live!

We're excited to announce that Kauri Communities are officially live!

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With Communities, you can create effective developer onboarding experiences by:

  • Inviting community members to serve as moderators and curate content

  • Collaborating with multiple writers and editors on articles and collections

  • Creating a custom home page to guide readers through Community content

  • Accepting edit and update suggestions from anyone, then approving and publishing them easily

Check out our very first community, Ethereum for Java Developers. This community is led by team members from PegaSys, Web3Labs, IOBuilders, and our very own Greg Jeanmart and Craig Williams.

We have a lot of exciting plans for Communities, and are actively sourcing partner companies and projects for the following Communities and onboarding experiences.

Additionally, if you're interested in leading a Community, apply to our Ambassador Program! Ambassadors will receive up to $3,000 in funding for content bounties, regular office hours with top teams from the ecosystem, and editorial help from the Kauri team.

If you're interested in contributing to any of the following, please reach out!

  • Ethereum for Python developers

  • Decentralized Finance

  • Privacy and Cryptography

  • Scaling (Sharding, State Channels, ETH 2.0, SideChains)

  • Solidity and Vyper

  • EVM and eWASM

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