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Kauri Importer Guidelines

Kauri importer

Guidelines on importing to markdown in Kauri. The imported article will not be set as the canonical URL.

Importing your documentation to Kauri

Link to the tool: https://import.beta.kauri.io
Link to the beta: https://beta.kauri.io
Link to website: https://kauri.io

  • Step 1: Ensure you are logged into Kauri

  • Step 2: input your Medium user profile or publication URL, and click 'GET ARTICLES'

  • Step 3: select which articles you would like to import to draft on Kauri, and click 'IMPORT'

    • the selected articles will then be imported, and once complete, can be viewed in Kauri in the 'Draft' section of the 'Manage' tab of your Kauri profile. The importer will redirect you to your profile once complete.

  • Step 4: we highly suggest reviewing your imported draft articles via Kauri's 'preview' feature to ensure the article's HTML to Markdown conversion was completed successfully

  • To publish, once you've previewed your content and ensured the formatting is correct, simply click 'PUBLISH ARTICLE' located in the top right of the page

Things to be aware of
  • The tool will import tweets and embedded youtube videos; if you use another video hosting service, such as vimeo, please update the links to your embedded videos in the Kauri editor when the article is in draft stage
  • Importing a large amount of articles can take up to 15-20 minutes
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