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dApps using Kotlin

Good examples

EGGE.GG Instant Payout eSports Tournaments For ETHDenver2019

EGGE.GG The Future Of Esports Competition Team Members: Robbie Weinel Hayder Sharhan Somesh K S ID for Each Team Member (we will use this to contact you and your team) Robbie: Somesh:

Hayder Sharhan

2 min read

17 Feb 19

Beginner Tutorials

For those just starting to use Kotlin + Web3

Simple Kotlin SpringBoot dApp utilizing web3j

Are you sick of web3js? I know I am! We are still forced to use it on the frontend but that doesnt mean that our backend event listeners and backend contract interactions have to go through this pile of poorly documented crap. I want to introduce you to a great alternative that Ive been using to write the backend of my dApps. First create a spring boot application: Pick Maven + Kotlin + latest version (Im using 2.1.4) + you can leave the names as is or give it something

Hayder Sharhan

6 min read

14 Apr 19

Intermediate Tutorials

For those looking to improve their Kotlin+Web3 skills

How To Achieve User Authentication By Web3 Wallet Using Spring Security, JWTs, Web3j & Kotlin

One of the greatest things that a web3 enabled browser gives us is saying goodbye to our primal ways of authenticating users with a username & password combination. If youre looking to authenticate users using a metamask or any web3 wallet then continue reading this article or simply explore the minimal code here: You can checkout the code and follow along, or start fresh from spring initializer and start fresh, or add whatever you lear

Hayder Sharhan

3 min read

19 Aug 19

Consuming Ethereum Events To Kotlin Service Using Eventeum

It might be hard to roll your own implementation of a resilient web3 event consumer! You should if you have the time for it, but if you want something reliable

Hayder Sharhan

5 min read

17 Feb 20