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The new global cryptocurrency backed by Facebook and other enterprises. What will it all mean?



Libra core

The Blockchain technology underpinning Libra

Building and Working with Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Libra

EDIT: I work at ConsenSys Academy, creating educational content similar to this. I teach developers and non-developers on how to use the Ethereum Blockchain. If you enjoy this content on Libra and want to learn more about blockchain, I highly recommend you sign up for the Developer Program On-Demand. Even though Facebooks name is hard to find on the Libra website, the long term plan is for it to integrate with their forthcoming Calibra wallet, and then, the whole game plan might make more sense.


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02 Jul 19


Libra's smart contract language

Whitepaper Deep Dive — Move: Facebook Libra Blockchain’s New Programming Language

Overview & Motivation This is a walkthrough of the 26 pages technical whitepaper of Move , Facebook Libra’s new programming language. As an Ethereum developer and a blockchain community enthusiast, I hope to provide a quick overview and highlights of the paper for everyone curious about this new language :) Hope that you will like it, happy learning! The original article on Medium: Abstract Move is an executable bytecode language used to implement custom transactions and sm

Lee Ting Ting

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19 Jun 19

Quick Dive into the Move Programming Language

NOTE: This is a quick summary on my thoughts as I read through Libras Move Technical Paper, learning as I type. Two Different Types of Programs: Transaction Scripts & Modules Transaction scripts are more single-use, and can invoke modules Modules are long-term pieces of code stored in Libras global state Move Global State Libras global state is a mapping of account addresses => accounts. Think 0x0, 0x1, 0x2 in succession, with each of these account addresses able to hold zero or more modules and

Wil Barnes

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20 Jun 19