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Little Butterfly

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Project Name

Little Butterfly

Project Tagline/Description

Live the fluttering experience of a short passion.

Butterflies can visit your garden, but must leave in 24 hours, or they will die – leaving behind only memories.

Team Members

Telmo Correa ID for Each Team Member

Telmo Correa -- telmo

Detailed Project Description (no more than 3-4 sentences)

  • Small crypto-collectible game about butterflies, flowers, and hearts -- or, about the ephemerality of experiences and the memories they leave behind
  • Implements ERC721 tokens with computed state that evolves over time, without requiring smart contract calls
  • Proof-of-concept responsive web design + mobile authentication support with Fortmatic on browsers without dapp support -- relying on MetaMask where available, or Infura for read-only access otherwise.

A more complete retelling of the story of this project is available at Medium:

Describe your tech stack (e.g., protocols, languages, API’s, etc.)

  • ERC721 smart contract implemented in Solidity, using and adapting OpenZeppelin libraries
  • Project structure developed with Truffle
  • On-chain pseudorandom number generation for token, avatar generation
  • Code verified through etherscan (mainnet, ropsten, rinkeby, kovan)
  • Token data and images hosted on IPFS -- and cached on the front-end -- in a format compatible with opensea (storefronts: mainnet, rinkeby)
  • Static front-end served on own domain
  • Lottie used for rendering high-quality animations client-side
  • MetaMask support with dapp support via web3
  • Fortmatic gateway available for authentication on browsers without dapp support
  • Infura gateway used for read-only access

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Fortmatic-2019: Bounty 1 Overview: Build user-friendly DApps using Fortmatic for identity management

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Telmo Correa




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