1 min read - Posted 06 Aug 19

Mapping DeFi ecosystem

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The DeFi Series — An overview of the ecosystem and major protocols

TL; DR As the first piece of our DeFi series, this article aims to introduce the overview landscape and share knowledge collected around the several most major protocols. In this piece we touched the overlap on user base of Maker and Compound, and will continue research on user base and systematic risks in the coming DeFi pieces. Keep an eye out for our continually refreshed dashboard and Reporting tools to download all the data. Also we will keep sending DeFi related weekly newsletter for follo


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Develop your ERC-20 Token — explained!

ERC 20 Tokens are creating a rage in the cryptocurrency sector and you wouldn’t want to be left behind, would you? Anyone who is keen to know the functionality involved in an ERC-20 token creation and deployment is welcomed. Let’s get started. What is an ERC-20 Token? Ethereum Request For Comments 20(ERC 20) is a protocol standard that defines certain rules and standards for issuing tokens on Ethereum’s network. A Token developed on Ethereum Blockchain is said to be an ERC-20 compliant only if i