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Monero and Zcash are no longer privacy coins?

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The company Chainalysis said that they can make traceable some cryptocurrencies that are famous for be focused into user privacy throught no traceable transactions, obviously we are talking about Monero, Zcash and Dash too.

For example Chainalysis said that Dash privacy was broken due characteristics from wallets that don't use privacy-enhancing features.

But It's so similar with Zcash, in this case Chainalysis said that only are no traceable a 0.9% of transactions, so 99.1% is traceable for them.

Monero would be the best privacy coin which only 30% transactions were traceable.

The university Carnegie Mellon concluded the same two weeks ago.

In addition there are some exchanges that are delisting Monero, Dash even Zcash from their services becouse the majority of governments are not favorable to privacy coins.

But maybe the focused privacy coins is the point, Bitcoin was invented to prevent people from government abusing us and violent forced monopolistic money of central banks.

Maybe the people must be free to choose which money they want to use. The excuse "terrorism" is a bit funny becouse they want to lock down the privacy and people rights becouse one of each million people is bad....

Anyway I am sure that in the nets months and years the majority of countries will banned coins like Monero and Zcash but it's not the end, Bitcoin was invented to be unstoppable so, privacy coins are too.

In addition in really free countries, like Switzerland, the privacy coins will be banned more later when the European Union deep state threat them like they did with another things to kill the people liberty.

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