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My TradingView setup for Technical Analysis

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Day job I do the frontend for this platform you're reading on, Kauri. Definitely feel free to post your own blockchain educational content! Trading is a hobby of mine because who doesn't like money?

Note - Spent weeks a lot of btc sorting out this setup that helps me find confluence in my trading decisions, here have it for free ;) I believe in positive karma and the net sum game :)

All these indicators are public and definitely not pinescripted by myself, I've discarded those which I've found not to help and kept those for efficiency. Much credit to all those authors :)

I actually don't draw triangles, lines etc. on my charts usually but each to their own.


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  2. Heikin Ashi candles
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Indicators used

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Above is the setup I use, mainly discovered via crypto twitter and telegram groups!

Indicator guides

VPVR Explanation on how to use it

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Used with Support/Resistance V2 The Orange dotted lines help identify points of control.

TTM Squeeze

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Notice how it follows the trend and shows potential momentum crossover indicated by the red dots?

OBV Divergence

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Notice the red dots? It potentially means GTFO!


  • article image
  • article image

Higher timeframes the better, especially used with Volume indicators in general. Great for identifying positive trends and reversals.

Stoch RSI

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This one's debatable based on the fact it's relevant to itself essentially. Same important quantifiable levels as with MFI are below 40 and above 80. I do like the red and green bars on this Chris Moody indicator though :)

RSI Divergence

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Hidden divergences with labels! What's not to like!

Market God - @kingthies

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Not much to say here but works better on higher timeframes. Tip him, his eyes are bleeding atm getting the new version out.

Trendmaster - @IchimokuScholar & @Crypto_C00kie

  • article image

Break above or down the cloud on higher timeframes, 4H or 1D. Buy or Sell.

They have a discord with automated signals too :)

MTF Deviation - @Mtrl_Scientist - Join their telegram

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Knifecatching, $OAX breaks below its calculated 0.0 fib, moons 5 days later.

Tips and tricks

  1. 10m and 45m timeframes for setting Market God alerts and getting entries
  2. 1m MTF Deviation 0.0 fib alerts, once per bar close
  3. 45m once per bar close alert for BVOL24H ticker below 1.4 for scouting in positions on crypto large caps.

Hope this helped you, share and tweet me @ericjuta!

Tip me Ether @ 0xbfeceC47dD8bf5F6264A9830A9d26ef387c38A67 if I've helped you

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