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Non-Fungible Token Tutorial Series

This tutorial series includes walkthroughs of the various non-fungible token standards (721, 998, 1155, etc.) and tutorials for building applications using them.


Standards and EIPs

Understanding OpenZeppelin ERC721

What is an NFT? Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs/NFTYs/Nifties) are an emerging tool to create provably unique digital assets. Whereas ERC20 ushered in a flood of fungible (where no single token or fraction of a token is unique or distinguishable from any other) tokens, ERC721 and others are allowing for rare and unique units. These units can represent everything from a specific piece of digital artwork (or physical art!) to a real estate asset, financial instrument (a futures contract to buy 1,000 bar

Kauri Team

7 min read

04 Sep 18

Tokens Owning Tokens: ERC998 and Composables

Cryptocomposables Were covering a lot of ERCs in this series, and it can be tough to keep track. To recap, the first two covered: 721 and 1155, are all about creating assets themselves. This one is a bit different, as its about assets (721 specifically) OWNING other assets (721 or 20). Why is that interesting? Imagine that you own this CryptoKitty. Now imagine that you want to buy this hat for it. And maybe you want to buy a racecar for KittyRaces After winning a few championships in your awesom

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9 min read

04 Sep 18

Crypto Items and ERC1155

Improvements on 721 With the recent finalizing of ERC721, games involving non-fungible tokens and cryptocollectibles are poised to explode. Many are nearing beta release as we speak, namely: Gods Unchained, CryptoWars, Zombie Battleground along with officially-affiliated collectibles with the NFL, MLB, and more. The creators of Enjin Coin, an Ethereum-based games platform, identified a few areas for improvement in the token standards as related to the needs of typical games. From the “Motivation

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04 Sep 18