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Jon Jordan - Editor - Accidental Gizmo

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Introduction This in depth tutorial is designed to walk you through the process of building your first dapp using a Rhombus oracle. It will guide you step by step on how to incorporate real world data into your smart contracts with the Rhombus Lighthouse Delivery method. You will learn how to interact with existing Lighthouses on Rinkeby in your smart contracts, and how to perform local testing of Lighthouses using Truffle and a local Ganache chain. This tutorial is meant for those with a good u

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In this article, we are going to discuss how two giant industries (based on market potential) can come together to disrupt the market and to enhance their revenue together. The blockchain itself is already seen as a potentially valuable tool in today’s gaming world as it can provide a decentralized asset exchange, verifiable scarcity of virtual objects and collectibles, fast and secure payment networks, and an ability for developers to monetize their creations properly, because gaming assets are


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