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POA Network Hackers Guide for ETHDenver

POA is proud to announce that we will be sponsoring ETHDenver for a second consecutive year! Last year we witnessed the developer community rally together and focus on building several amazing dApps on our infrastructure. We saw many inspiring projects and submissions and had the opportunity to showcase the prototype version of our POA20 Bridge.


Since then, we have released a full suite of open source developer tools to advance the Ethereum ecosystem. We’re excited to see how hackers and #BUILDers leverage these tools to create something new!

  • BlockScout — Our open source block explorer that utilizes Elixir for its scalability and fault-tolerant systems to provide fast, secure, and easy to use transaction processing. BlockScout features an API 1 that is easy to connect with to view and confirm transactions and smart contract interactions.
  • xDai Chain — We have partnered with MakerDAO to create the first ever blockchain where the native currency of the chain is USD-stable. xDai Chain, an Ethereum compatible sidechain with Dai as the native currency of the network, combines POA Network’s interoperability technology along with MakerDAO’s Dai, the permissionless, crypto-collateralized USD-stable coin.
  • ERC20 to ERC20 TokenBridge 2 — This bridge allows users to transfer ERC20 tokens from one Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) based network to another EVM based network within a single wallet.

We’ve seen first hand the power of hackathons to generate new and exciting ideas. Most recently, we participated in the Status #CryptoLife Hackathon in Prague, Czech Republic where developers created applications on our xDai chain including a payment platform and a virtual jukebox 1.

Who will be there from the POA team?

At EthDenver, POA will be represented by various team members including:

  • Igor Barinov
    • When he is not helping hackers and developers, POA’s tech lead will be participating in infrastructure and scalability related panels and workshops.
  • Viktor Baranov
    • POA Core developer Viktor Baranov will be helping the hackers with any issues or technical problems they may have.
  • Andrew Gross
    • Technical writer, Ethereum dev call contributor and Denver native will be presenting the POA keynote on the first evening of ETHDenver.
  • Andrew Cravenho - BlockScout project lead will be at ETHDenver alongside the POA team where he will be presenting BlockScout’s latest features and future roadmap.

Alongside the official POA team, you will find POA validators Henry Vishnevsky and Alexey Emelyanov and two of POA’s official ambassadors Sky Minert and Manuel Garcia. You will find them at the POA booth where they will be rocking and giving away official POA swag!

Our team members, validators and ambassadors will be ready and available to help you develop and deploy your DApp to one of our networks. If you are looking for help now, or just want to familiarize yourself with our tools, we welcome any questions in our forum or in our Discord.

A main success criteria of any submission we receive will be a successful deployment to either the xDai Chain or POA Network. But not to worry! Deploying to either of these networks is as easy as can be.

Where can I find the developer docs and resources?

xDai Chain Resources: https://forum.poa.network/t/xdai-chain-resources/1769

POA Core resources: https://forum.poa.network/t/core-network-resources/1797

Deployment guide for POA Core: https://forum.poa.network/t/tutorial-deploying-your-dapp-to-poa-network/1804

See you at ETHDenver!

We can’t wait to see everyone! We will release more details about the bounties soon, but for now start exploring our different tools, play with xDai and the Dai Bridge 1, check your transactions in BlockScout, deploy a small contract to POA Core, and ask questions in our Discord or forum - we’ll be more than happy to help! The final wave of applications for ETHDenver closes January 31st so apply today if you haven’t already!

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