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SecurEth Guidelines - Getting Started

Planning a New Project

Start with writing a System Description Document. The Development Plan and Preliminary Audit are optional components but quite valuable for new development teams.

Auditing Existing Code

If you already have code and your auditor sent you here. Create a System Description, then jump down to Software Requirements, and finish up with an Audit Prep Report.


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About the Guidelines These guidelines are a community resource. They are meant to help guide and inform you through your development process and ensure the highest quality results in your smart contract system and your end product. The original version of these guidelines lives on the Gitbook at SecurEth Guidelines. The version there will always be the most up to date, but I will work to keep both versions the same. The Guidelines are constantly evolving with expert feedback. All suggestions mad

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System Description Document

System Description The System Description Document \\(SDD\\) is a top level informal document that describes what the system will do. It should describe the “System” or “Product” from a users’ perspective. This is the first document that any auditor or contractor would read. From it they should understand what the system does. Why do a System Description Document? This is the first document any outside auditor will read. It gives them context and perspective. Who reads the System Description Doc

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