A free manager for all ERC-721s — Mintable.app launches its Alpha on December 1st.

The Problem

There will be hundreds of new companies popping up in the next year all focused on ERC-721s. If you don’t know what an ERC-721 is, you can check out our previous posts. These ERC-721s are digital items that you can own in your Ethereum wallet. Since we have all these games/companies/items popping up, there needs to be an easy way to transfer, browse, interact with, and overall, manage your digital items. But there is no current solution to this! Where can you go to manage your assets? MyEtherWallet doesn’t support ERC-721s in depth, and if your a new person you don’t know how to use the ABI code to interact with a contract… So where do you manage your Etheremon/CryptoKitties/Gods Unchained cards?


Mintable is a dApp we’ve been building for the last 4 months. It’s a resource for anyone who owns ERC-721s to use freely. You can manage almost all of the ERC-721s out there. You can browse all the ERC-721s created on the blockchain. And it’s a free generator¹ that allows for you to create ANY ERC-721 you want, and have complete ownership and access to it, within 30 seconds.

( ¹ Free during the alpha).

What You Can do on Mintable

You can:

Manage any ERC-721 token

Create a new ERC-721 with any data you want

Mintable Launches December 1st and will hopefully be your easiest way to manage ERC-721s

Mintable has some high hopes and dreams, we hope we will achieve them all and we want you to be apart of it!

Our goals for Mintable:

If you love NFTs join Mintable’s discord! discord: https://discord.gg/fUEmc8d