Announcing Ahnboard Community Support

We started Ahnboard with a simple mission: to onboard every day users to a new way of thinking. This takes many obvious forms: onboarding flow within a dApp, in-app tooltips, incentivization & rewards programs, abstraction, and more (we’re actively developing these now, launching very soon 😉).

But, one often neglected yet important piece of the onboarding puzzle: customer support.

While optimizing onboarding flows and abstracting away as much of the technical interaction as possible reduces the likelihood of error, the crypto ecosystem is still an inherently complex one. Further, many dApps currently lack the infrastructure or financial backing to provide robust customer support.

Enter: The Ahnboard Community Support Program

Today, we’re announcing the Ahnboard Community Support pilot program. It’s a community service and public good we’re offering for free to support the end users of Ethereum dApps.

Think of it like a helpful steward helping out a stranger on Reddit . We aim to have that same level of personal, informal, yet helpful touch. The Ahnboard team will have a team member online for four hours each day, Sunday — Thursday, helping resolve dApp end user issues. Specifically, we’ll be tackling the “in the weeds”, usability-related issues on popular subreddits and in our very own Discord server . There will be an emphasis on guided assistance. We are onboarding new users after all — not just to dApps themselves but how to interact with the ecosystem more broadly. (i.e Which tools are needed? How can I troubleshoot on my own in the future? What are some good resources to learn more?).

Why Pilot Program?

This is an experiment. We’ll see what works and what doesn’t, the program will evolve, we’ll find and implement new ways to support new entrants to the ecosystem— and we’ll share all of our findings with the community. We’ll heavily moderate our Discord server to eliminate scams, unrelated content, and confusion. Lastly: We are not associated with any dApps. Remember, this is a public good — the same as strangers answering other strangers online out of kindness and a desire to help the space grow.

Getting Started

End users: visit our Discord server and start chatting away in the #community-support channel or ask for help in your favorite subreddit. DApps: if you’re a bit overloaded on the support side, feel free to direct your users to our Discord server . We’d be happy to help and have a direct line of communication to relay any common issues back to you.

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