Announcing — The Trusted Onboarding & Support Platform for Decentralized Applications

By now, we are all acutely aware of the usability challenges that face decentralized applications. Where centralized web architecture has a created a host of intuitive design patterns and a familiar user experience flow, the decentralized world has lagged — with usability as the trade off. Users are expected to adopt a whole new paradigm — plunge into an unknown world of gas, MetaMask, wrapped ETH, “Token Allowance”, hardware wallets, and dozens of other technical jargon-fueled crypto concepts.


Ahnboard’s mission is to onboard, educate, and support the end users of the decentralized economy. To support this vision Ahnboard is rolling out two products:

Initial Support Research

From our initial research looking at 0x relayers, NFT / collectibles marketplaces, and games built on Ethereum, about 80% of dApp support issues can be solved ahead of ticket time. Most issues are caused by a misunderstanding of general crypto concepts like gas or wrapped ETH— not due to app-specific errors. Through in-app, preemptive, and timely support responses, Ahnboard Support helps alleviate the overwhelming first time experience many new users face — helping drive more conversions and active users for your dApp. Let us handle your support while you build.

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