BTC/USD TA - 02/04/2019

Monthly timeframe says Buy!

MFI could still bounce off 40; people are saying it's an April fools and we go back down to lower lows...

Although if we candle close April back in the Ichi cloud then we're safe.

April is a deciding month :) Regardless, always good to see some volatility back!

On the daily, next HVN is 5600 but strong support is 4200

If we continually break upwards, expect further large green candle moves.

4H shows 3900 strong support bouncing within range with HLs

Just before volume sky rocketed!

45m LTF shows we broke the 1.0 deviation fib

Issue is that we could gtfbd.

Short term signal to buy alts

We're still above the cloud and hopefully the market goes back in otherwise it's a bart.