Communities for DeFi, Scaling, Privacy and More

The Ethereum community is moving rapidly, with new tools, projects, protocols, and libraries launching every day. While this speed of development is exciting, it can be overwhelming for both new and experienced Ethereum developers to find up to date and accurate information.

Kauri helps our community curate resources for developers to build with Ethereum and related web3 technologies. This combination of contribution, curation, and discovery requires help from our community contributors, technical, non-technical, and everyone in- between.

We want to make that easier and provide better recognition for community members.

Introducing, Communities!

Many participants in Ethereum and wider Web3 communities are already creating great content aimed at onboarding the next wave of developers. You’ve told us, what’s missing are easy ways to collaborate on and coordinate these efforts, and clear incentive structures to reward these deeply valuable efforts. We aim to enable this collaboration, and enhance the visibility on these individual and group efforts so contributors and curators can get the recognition they deserve.

To help further this goal, we've built Communities!

With Communities, you can:

Check out our very first community, Ethereum for Java Developers. This community is led by team members from PegaSys, Web3Labs, IOBuilders, and our very own Greg Jeanmart and Craig Williams.

Here is our short list of upcoming Communities. Reach out to get involved!

And if you'd like to lead a Community, apply to our Ambassador Program! Ambassadors will receive up to $3,000 in funding for content bounties, regular office hours with top teams from the ecosystem, and editorial help from the Kauri team.