Community Moderator How-To

Moderators are the backbone of Kauri Communities! As a moderator, you can write articles and publish them to the Community pages, curate collections for the Community, and make edits and updates to existing Community articles and collections.

If you've received an invitation to join a Community, follow the instructions below. If not, get started by suggesting some edits to a Community's current articles, and get recognized by the admins!

Accepting an Invitation

If you’ve received an email invitation to join a Community, first, click on the link in the email. You’ll be redirected to Kauri, and will see the option to “Accept” or “Reject” the invitation.

Adding Articles

There are two main ways to add articles to a community:

Existing articles can be added by selecting “Add Content” on the main Community page. If you’re familiar with adding articles to collections, the process is very similar! The differences being you must select one article to add at a time, and you can only select from articles you’ve written yourself (for now!). After choosing an article in the widget, you’ll be asked to sign a message transferring the article to the Community.

Note: Transferring an article to a Community allows any admins or moderators to make edits and publish changes to it. If you wrote and published the article originally, you will still be credited as the author, but will no longer have exclusive control over its’ content.

New articles can be published directly to a Community. To do this, simply start writing an article, and when you’re ready to publish, select the Community in the dropdown.

Adding Collections

At launch, only new collections can be added to a Community. The process is similar to publishing new articles to a Community, in that you can choose to add the collection directly to a Community after selecting “Publish Collection”.

Editing Articles and Collections

Editing your Community’s articles and collections works exactly like editing your own articles and collections.

For articles, select the “Update Article” option on the article you’d like to edit, make the desired changes, then hit “Publish Article”

For collections, go to the collection page and select “Update Collection”. Make your changes, then select “Update” again to finalize them!