CryptoTwitter Roundup 04/12/2019

Lane Rettig (eWASM Core Dev) vs. Ameen Soleimani (Spankchain)

Ryan Sean Adams claims ‘The Founding Fathers were protocol designers not utopia seekers.’

Eric Conner finds subreddit /r/dotethereum , an Ethereum fork being worked on by exiled core dev Afri Schoeden.

Ameen posts long thread in response. Claims opponents of Ethereum are highly incentivized to tear our community apart.

Civic CEO Vinny Lingham on Bitcoin dominance and decoupling.

Anthony Sassano finds that the $ETH 30 day average exchange volume is currently sitting at an all time high of $5.5 billion USD.

Anthony Pompliano uncovers that Harvard ’s endowment invested $5M — $10M directly into Blockstack’s token sale.

Eric Conner suggests disclosures to keep Ethereum Foundation transparent.

Sneak peak of Preston Van Loon ’s EdCon presentation. Replays progression of 3 beacon nodes w/ 32 validators, finalizing epochs and gaining rewards.

Karl Kreder posts samples of the GRID+ Lattice1 production packaging. Offers free device to first person that uncovers two easter eggs on box.

Santi Siri of Democracy Earth thinks Ethereum’s killer feature is it’s inclusive community.

TRON was the Fastest Growing Dapp Ecosystem in Q1 2019.

Eric Conner claims the new word of 2019 is ‘Governencedl’ .

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao announces Craig Wright is not Satoshi, threatens to delist BitcoinSV.

CoinDesk compares the bottom of the dot com and crypto bubbles.

Austin Griffith uses Burner Wallet with group of 50 college students.