ETH Singapore Hackathon - Roundup

The first South East Asia marathon ever, saw an incredible crowd immerse in an extremely creative venue. ETH Global and the local ETH Singapore team have shown a flawless execution, which have left all the attendees extremely happy.

But the real stars of the event where the talented teams that delivered very interesting projects over a small 30 hours span. Here are the highlights from the 6 finalists of the event, have a read through or watch the videos. These projects will be worth your time!


The Expedia for generalised crypto-mining.

HashHedge, a decentralised marketplace for issuance and trading of generalised mining derivatives. In this P2P marketplace, Miners can issue tokenised 30-90 days contracts, and investors can trade these standard contracts as token, with limitless liquidity, thanks to a modified version of UniSwap.



Side-chain proof of concept, using Snark Proof in order to enables verification of batch transactions.

Snarsma allows developer to send transactions off-chain to an operator which is in charge of verifying each of the transaction on a number of criteria (nonce, balance etc..) in order to ensure they are legitimate, create related state transitions, and generate a new Merkle root to save on-chain.



StretchVM is a fork of the VM which allows unobtrusive messaging between different shards.

The StretchVM team, used Byzantium Ethereum Virtual Machine as a starting point, and by tweaking the block structure, validators across shards can verify transactions and apply them to the EVM state.

Decentralized Infura

POC for a decentralised Web3 provider

One of the implications of transparent computing is that we could eventually have trusted servers. These servers would operate on a decentralised file system. They setup an IPFS/Unix based file system, which allows to ensure validity of server code by checking the root hash, and demoed a series of Web3 provider functions, available as an api and with a guarantee that the code is safe and uncompromised.


Reduce or increase DAICO contracts exposure to market dynamics without withdrawing the locked funds

Built on top of Kyber Network and Vault, DAICO Hedge allows owners of DAICO contracts to reduce or increase exposure to the funds locked in the DAICO contract itself without withdrawal. In the POC of concept, the team has delivered a demo using DAI as a stable coin, but they are looking to expand to mixed portfolio of stable coins to reduce risk. Github

Ethereless wallet for DAI payments team built an Ethereless wallet DAI wallet. It allows for payment without paying for gas cost in Ether . Instead the wallet uses a meta transaction provider which issues the transaction in place of the originator and pays the gas cost. The transaction provider charges a small fee to compensate for the gas cost incurred and the fee.

One more thing...

ETH-CAPETOWN Before closing the ceremony, the ETH Global team has announced ETH Cape Town, on April 19, 2019. Check out their website and let's see you there!