Ethereum Linked Data

We are proud to announce today that Ethereum is now available as a Linked Data graph for free. This is a side-product from our work at Alethio and we would like to share it with you. At alethio we’ve been collecting Ethereum data for over a year, now. We have populated the EthOn

ontology with actual chain data and would like to share the resulting data set with the community. Our hope is that you will explore the graph, play with it and extend it with meta-data. Think labels, smart contract types, relations to other Linked Data sets, such as DBPedia .

What data is available?

We are constantly updating the graph with new blocks from the Ethereum Foundation mainnet chain in real time . At the same time we’re backfilling the database with historical data (1M blocks to go).

Where should I start?

You can just try out the Example queries, read more about EthOn or start exploring the ontology with the tools below.

How can I contribute?

Your contribution is always welcome! First and foremost: Tell us what you are doing with the data set . But you can also contribute to EthOn , help us enrich our data set and give us ideas on what to do with it. If you have interesting sets of triples to add to this service — we are happy to add them! The data set in this db is very large. We can’t support large aggregate queries without overloading or server. If you want to do analytic aggregate queries, please download the data and use a technology of your choice for it (e.g. GraphDB or SANSA ). We provide the service as-is — there are no guarantees for availability.

We would like to thank the


for sponsoring an enterprise license of their awesome


triple store!