title: FAQ Interest summary: {entityMap-{0-{type-LINK,mutability-MUTABLE,data-{url-https-//dai.makerdao.com/},1-{type-LINK,mutability-MUTABLE,data-{url-https-//dai.makerdao.com/}},blocks--{key-foo,text-Does the Maker system charge CDP owners interest on Dai debt?,type-header-two,depth-0,inlineStyleRanges-,entityRanges-,data-{}},{key-38ddt,text-Yes. Interest, which Maker calls a Governance Fee, is compounded continuously at a rate of 0.5%, and is measured against the total DAI currently drawn on your CDP. The outstanding bal authors: - Kauri Team (@kauri) date: 2018-05-03 some_url:

FAQ Interest