Hunt bounties on the Devcash Bounty Platform

Here is a very short article, with instructions on how to earn ETH and Devcash on the Devcash Bounty Platform. You can earn either ETH or Devcash by hunting bounties.

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Sign in using Metamask, Portis or Authereum wallets

Step 3

Explore the bounties. You can see the bounty description, what the tasks are, the reward, how many bounties there are, etc

Step 4

Select a bounty and then click Hunt Bounty

Step 5

Write your submission in the submission form

Step 6

Click submit and approve the transaction

Step 7

Wait for approval, and check back to see if you got your reward!

I hope this helps you navigate your way through the Devcash Bounty Platform. May you have good fortune in your bounty hunting!