Luis Rubio, Back End Engineer

Luis is one of our talented backend engineers, letting his curiosity and passion drive his work

Hi Luis and welcome to the team. Could you start by telling us a bit about you, your career and academic background?

If I was to highlight one aptitude, I would choose curiosity. I think it is the force that has moved me through my life. It is like a strange addiction that focuses my attention. Curiosity helped me decide to study telecommunications engineering. It was a door to get into a technological world. This gave me the opportunity to approach new and difficult technical challenges. In my last years of university, I focused on robotics and worked with the little humanoid robot NAO. My work helped provide it capabilities to play football and also simulate human interaction to help in Alzheimer patients.

After my degree, my curiosity about robotics was still strong, so I continued in the Centre of Automation and Robotics in Madrid. During this time, I was involved in several projects related to remote handling tasks and ROS programming, an open source environment to develop robotic applications. I was working in some robotic manipulation contests, and developing new research strategies. In addition, I went to Germany to collaborate with another research center, improving the capabilities of a humanoid robot to be telemanipulated in clinical environments with haptic and virtual reality devices.

Now I am ready for my next challenge, which brings me here to Witnet.

Before learning about Witnet, what was your knowledge or experience with cryptocurrencies and blockchain?

If I am being totally sincere, I did not know too much about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. I had some general ideas about the space, but no technical experience with it. I think that was one of my main reasons for choosing Witnet, because it gives me the opportunity to learn something totally new.

What aspects of Witnet and what we’re working on are you most excited about?

As I expressed before, I love exposing myself to new ideas, and I think that cryptocurrencies and blockchains will be an important part of the world. So, I felt the need to get involved as soon as possible.

Plus I am happy to work with a group of people like the Witnet team who are not only smart and hard working, but know how to have fun with each other.

What are some things that you like to do outside of your work life?

I have so many hobbies! I love board games - I have more than 30 in my home and I also have designed my own board game.

I am very fascinated by psychology, and enjoy learning how to understand my mind and emotions in life. I also like to play volleyball whenever possible.

I also like to spend time with my girlfriend and my friends. Traveling to new countries is really exciting for me as well, but I also enjoy reading and watching movies at my home.

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