My first post to the new Defi_Opfi blog

Hello world. I am super excited about the new breed of Defi_Opfi projects that I have been discovering and testing out with great preliminary results. To me, this is where the new "killer apps" will come from and give the mainstream retail and institutional investors a good reason to adopt crypto currencies and blockchain smart contracts. If you can earn 14% on a decentrlized stable coin like dai, which is pegged to the US dollar, with low risk, there is a good incentive to get serious about moving fiat currency and other current investments into crypto. When you compare that to earning 2% on your savings in a conventional banking institution, it makes a lot of sense to invest. So for me lending/borrowing is one of the best and biggest use cases for smart contracts. Another emerging area of huge potential is "staking", as we move from Proof of work to Proof of stake consensus models, with the next generation of blockchain projects.

Here is a list of areas that I would like to explor and discuss. I got this list from an article from (full article is at It serves as a good outline for the topics that I want to cover in future posts, and areas that I am interested in.

Part I: Developed Reward Opportunities 1. Staking tokens with network validators

 2. Work Tokens (Resource Provision)

 3. Lending/Borrowing

Part II: Currently Underdeveloped Opportunities 4. Market Making Liquidity

5. Payment Channels

6. Security Tokens

7. Algorithmic Trading

Thanks to Gleb Dudka and Mirko Schmiedl for writing this article. It will serve as a good outline for the topics that I want to cover in future posts. If you find this interesting, please comment, and let me know what you think.

PS - What is meant by Defi and Opfi?

Defi - Decentrlized finance - Anonymous (No KYC) and decentralised, autonomous smart contract based finance (Ex. Compound finance project)

Opfi - Open finance - transparent and community based finance, which may not be decentralised. (ex. Celsius finance project)

More detail to come in future posts ...