Pheme, a publishing platform


When invented, the internet was the perfect medium for humans to express themselves freely. But in time, this free flow of information has drawn attention of regulatory bodies. Built on thin protocols, the internet did not have tools strong enough for self-regulation and private companies took over the role of regulating the content. Shortly after, these companies started managing the content according to commercial codes of consumer demand rather than the principles inherent in the rights of expressions, such as the right of every minority to voice her opinion.

In 2009, Satoshi Nakomoto, the creator of bitcoin protocol, ignited the idea of a new internet. In Bitcoin's whitepaper, Satoshi proved that a consensus among internet users can be achieved without relying on a central regulator. This invention and many other came after it made it possible to re-imagine an internet, in which users are in control of their actions rather than private companies.

We built Pheme, a decentral publishing platform, on top of two powerful protocols, IPFS & Ethereum, to explore the potential of these decentralized technologies as a medium of free expression without commercial or regulatory concerns.

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