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The below is ungroomed, thinking out loud, a collection of thought bubbles written as a messy tangle and has not been processed for concision/to make it easier to read. Patience and indulgence is required. There is not a sequential flow, paragraphs are ordered randomly. No effort was made to format for easier reading/viewing.

On the surface, it appears obvious to say that cryptocurrency is about money, is about being a currency/tool that we can use to run our economic life. Perhaps instead, coming events may serve to support/prove the notion that the non-obvious but most significant purpose of cryptocurrency is as a defeating mechanism for baser human economic practices. To survive long term, it may be the case that cryptocurrency needs to be programmed not just to be a currency, but more so to be a ‘malicious behaviour defeating mechanism’ — to thrive, crypto may need to ensure that it can:

In the 1990’s and 2000’s, the internet jargon was about the term ‘disintermediation’. This was the notion that the internet allowed disruptors like Amazon to come along and displace or replace intermediaries such as old-timey retailers/distributors/wholesalers. Email displaced the postal service. Manufacturers could sell direct to end-user customer (B2C) or direct to end-business customer (B2B), thus obviating the need for intermediary layers.
Crypto is doing the same with money: replacing/obviating central banks and sovereign states as sole issuers of money and policy. This aspect of crypto is thus ‘disintermediating’ governments and regulators — perhaps we need a word for this, such as ‘dis-sovereigning’ or ‘dis-governmenting’ or ‘dis-censoring’. Disclaimers: just my ideas about possible scenarios for near-term future. This is not investment advice. I’m ego-driven, clueless and biased, so do your own thinking. I’m not qualified, I have no special privileged position to drive my insight, I’m a nobody, is what you should assume about me and what I say here. My ZenCash address = znk9GjfbzRHwDiMWmq2xeTi5FNkgnzQXthg