Thought piece of making the dark web3 universe light

Required component pieces to tie a global p2p marketplace together

Here are some scattered thoughts as a summary of a #team-kauri-chat slack conversation thread.

Twitter thread by @Chris_Cal_ on @naval's latest podcast/transcript associated with this

Decentralised login portals and profiles

For a global marketplace to work, people need visible profiles tied with a verifiable action log, public or private sectioned data; it doesn't matter.

Fortmatic, Portis, 3box and universal wallet are recent examples of tying them together. This is on the individual level, tying DAO profiles is another story but DAOs consist of humans but there should also be a smart contract to represent the same thing alike universal wallet.

Implementation details are an afterthought but still essential to the whole marketplace to work.

Essentially what you need is a verifiable log of actions that's human readable.

The login UX of this needs to be tight or relatable to what average users are already used to i.e. emails and password logins being a bad but relatable example, this is for mass adoption.

Multi device access.

Wallets, service/product marketplaces and interactions with DAOs you're a part of or your personal token one time trade or subscriptions

These 3 need to have unison. Maybe that's cross platform applications made out of Flutter or React native web code, again technical means don't matter in the end.

A notification system tied to these are required!

Having these 3 in one place is optimal for efficient and fair trade operation on a global level.

You could be providing a service on your personal token, voting on Moloch DAO proposals, purchasing services off individuals or DAOs, subscribing or unsubscribing on your bills whose service providers could also be DAOs all from the same cross platform application with the underlying protocol being a smart contract enabled blockchain.

A great example of this on a country level is, recently acquired by Go-jek! We need a global one!

Funding DAOs

Grants and EIP 1337 need to be a part of that application.

Individuals don't always have to be parts of DAOs to invest in them.

"Big businesses" need to become smaller

Jack Ma states this repeatedly at every economic forum.

Doesn't have to be literally smaller although there's a less overhead.

On an operational level, voting proposals and being able to cash out your upfront joining collateral in the speculation ideal that your contribution has increased the market value of that initial collateral over time if you disagree with the DAO proposal makes sense.

Expecting the DAO to self heal in your exit.

DAOs and individuals offering services need to talk to each other

Pretty much p2p supply chain in this marketplace being verifiable.

Really like MolochDAO and am really excited on service interfaces to spin off that. By service interfaces I mean something similar to smart contract transactions for buying an offering off a DAO.

Bonding curves for personal tokens and a service interface for that value exchange too. Problem is that with the above, it's only a personal token marketplace. Could be extended!

The underlying exchange of tokens needs to be liquid and could potentially transfer via a multi collateral stablecoin.

Consumers, individuals with personal tokens and DAOs under one marketplace.

Supply chains

There needs to be an attestation provider too, e.g. buying phone insurance off a DAO but having that DAO fail you allowing another DAO to see only the minimal amount of KYC'd/attested data required. Equal global marketplace but also fair data value exchange, not a Facebook or Google scenario where they track excess data making you the product.

Attestations can be updated kind of like a transaction log and only reveal certain data fields of a consumer. An example of this is 0xcert with NFT ledgers and attestations.

Web2 interop

The entry point is always fiat whether that be cash or banks. OmiseGO,, SendWyre, LimePay etc. are great examples of this.

We need more mainstream access to crypto.

We also need to realise these gains to traditional fiat web2 based services.

Everything can work together

There just needs to be an even playing field for a service and goods marketplace but both web2 and web3 worlds can work in harmony.

We're getting there.