Top Ethereum Newsletters

The Ethereum ecosystem is growing at a tremendous pace. You can subscribe to the Ethereum newsletters below to help you get updated with the latest Ethereum news. 

Week in Ethereum News

Written by Evan Van Ness, Week in Ethereum News is one of the longest-running (since 2016) Ethereum newsletters. The newsletter is a weekly round up all things related to Ethereum ecosystem.


A weekly newsletter focus on project updates, media stories, and lots of insightful blog posts. Ethhub is a great resource to get updated with the Ethereum ecosystem. Ethhub is curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)


Bankless newsletter focus on open finance (Or decentralized finance). Written by Ryan Sean Adams, a crypto Investor at Mythos, Bankless provides thought-provoking arguments for an alternative financial system.

DeFi Weekly

DeFi weekly provides a comprehensive analysis of different DeFi projects. The Newsletter is written by Kerman Kohli is an informative weekly read.

Eat The Blocks

Eat the blocks provides Ethereum tutorials and the latest updates for blockchain developers. If you are want to learn about Dapp development, smart contracts or solidity, Eat The Blocks is an excellent place to start. 

The Defiant

Written by Camila Russo, a financial journalist, the newsletter provides the latest DeFi (Decentralized finance) news and updates on various Ethereum projects.

DeFi Tutorials

DeFi tutorial is an educational newsletter that provides tutorials on different Ethereum protocols and projects. Written by Nodar Janashia, the newsletter is an excellent resource for learning various aspects of decentralized finance.

Dose of DeFi

A weekly dose of Defi is a must-subscribe newsletter to deep-dive into the DeFi ecosystem. The newsletter provides the latest news, updates, and analytics substance on the decentralized finance ecosystem.

My Two Gwei

Curated by, the newsletter introduces prominent thought leaders and founders in the Ethereum ecosystem. It’s an excellent place to learn about some important people in the space. 


Kauri is a decentralized blogging platform built using IPFS and Ethereum. The platform primarily focuses on educational resources for the Ethereum ecosystem. Kauri’s monthly newsletter will keep you updated with the latest tutorials on its platform. 

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