Vyper.fun Learn Vyper by building a Pokemon Game

Last month, I started exploring DeFi.

There was a lot of fuss going around in my twitter feed, so I wanted to see what was going on under the hood.

While checking out different the DeFi projects I came across Vyper, a relatively new smart contract language. I have heard about it before but never used it.

I looked into it and was impressed by its security-first principals. I wanted to learn more, so I searched for articles, videos. But most of them were outdated.

There were no good resources available...except the documentation. But, to be honest, that's the last place you would want to learn from.

I remembered the time I started learning Solidity from CryptoZombies and Ethernaut. There was nothing like this for Vyper.

So we started building one.

Vyper.fun is a website where anyone can learn Vyper, even if it is their first language.

To make the learning experience interesting, you will build a pokemon game on the blockchain, from scratch. A game in which pokemon trainers battle with wild pokemons to defeat and capture them.

In each chapter, you will learn a concept. You will use those concepts to build the game in the in-build code-editor.

Concept area and coding area on Vyper.fun website

You can write your code in 🛠 Your code tab and check the solution in the ✅ Solution tab. You can check the difference between 🛠 Your code and ✅ Solution in the 𝌡 Difference tab.

How you can write vyper code and check the solution on Vyper.fun

If you have any doubt or have any suggestions on how to improve the website, you can open the Gitter chat within the website...without having to leave the website 🤯

As we are still working to build the website there are a lot of ways you can contribute to this amazing project:

  1. Let us know about any issues/suggestions on the Gitter chat.
  2. You can also add an issue on the Github repo.
  3. You can translate the chapters into other languages. If you are interested let us know in the chat.
  4. You can support us by contributing to our Gitcoin grant.

You can follow our updates on our Gitter channel and twitter.