Witnet Monthly Report — May 2018

Today we want to share what we have been up to over the last month, the challenges we have met and the progress we have made towards our first milestone: the Witnet prototype.

💰 Fundraising

After the public sale we run in March on Republic Crypto , we have now closed also the private sale we run during April and May. We are still finalizing the accounting process but we are happy to announce that we have secured ~$7.5 million in capital. We should have the final, exact figure in the next few days. This great amount of funding will help us achieve our mission. A big thank you to all those who participated!

💜 Team

This month we’ve interviewed María and Anler, our two latest additions to the team. They’re two very talented back end engineers with really interesting careers so far. Make sure you check out their interviews! We’ve also welcomed a scrum master and a front end developer into our team. You’ll get to know them very soon through our Team Insights.

We still have open positions , so if you are aware of the impact a decentralized oracle network will have on the crypto landscape, be sure to check them out!

🔧 Product

As you may know, Sheikah is Witnet’s first desktop client. It will serve both as a wallet for the native Wit token and as an IDE for Witnet’s smart contracts and RAD requests. We are releasing a Sheikah prototype as soon as possible (likely, July). It won’t be completely functional but at least it will let you create your own wallets and addresses and give you a glimpse on how everything will work when we release our testnet. These have been this month’s main development items regarding the Sheikah prototype:

Anyone can follow our progress on the project’s Github repo , as well as contribute. We’re eager to engage with the developer community around the development of the Sheikah prototype. Pretty cool stuff, you’ll see!

That’s what we’ve been working on over the last month! Please let us know what you think of the recent developments by sharing your thoughts with the team.

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