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Smart Alert

Excellent project concept attempting to make keeping track of on-chain smart contract vulnerabilities and general behavior as simple as possible. Strong opportunity for moving forward with a traditional SaaS business orientated towards developer tools for live main-net developers, encouraging robust maintenance of contracts post-deployment. Looking forward to what the team can assemble in a longer time frame! - Bryant Eisenbach (SecurETH)



SmartAlert is a smart contract security monitor. It enables you to track and react to specific alerts that happen when users execute potentially malicious transactions on your contracts.

You can test our app here.

You can take a look at the presentation here.

Team Members

The project was developed and created by the following team.

Nebojša Urošević - Solidity / Back-end Developer Github

Nikola Vuković - Software Developer Github

Mateja Trifunovski - Software Developer Github

Vukašin Vukoje - Product Github

Frontend setup

Run yarn & yarn dev to run locally.

You can set the api url in /frontend/src/constants/env.js

Built With
  • go
  • javascript
  • css
  • html
Try it out

GitHub Repo

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