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Thanks for sponsoring ETHBerlin!

ETHBerlin is excited to have the amazing Gitcoin team providing a really easy way for you to contribute to the main prize pool, or to sponsor projects that you find most promising.


Gitcoin enables funding Github issues with any ERC20 token. It's as simple as pasting the Github issue into a form, choosing a token, and once the work is done, you can payout the bounty with the click of a button. Furthermore, you can contribute to existing bounties, and topping up the funds available to the issue. Checkout this quick explainer if you haven't funded an issue before.

Main Prize Pool

There will be a main prize pool, which will be paid out to the overall winners (TODO: clarify). You can find the issue here.

Hosting Special Prizes

If you want to host special prizes, you can create your own issue in the hackathon's repository, describing the prize and judging/acceptance criteria, and then fund it through Gitcoin. To get an idea how the issue will look like you can either have a look at the issue for the main prize pool, or issues created for the colony hackathon after which ETHBerlin's funding is modeled.

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03 Sep 18

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