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Support the writers you love with tipping

Kauri has always had a mission to help writers create and curate quality technical content. As part of this missions we also had other sub goals, one of which was to find ways to support writers directly for the work they do.

We aren't interested in pay walls, advertising, or selling your data to 3rd parties.

As a web application built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, we have a unique opportunity to leverage the peer to peer transactions it supports. And from today we are pleased to announce that you are now able to directly tip the authors of content you appreciate. For this initial release there are a couple of limitations:

  • You can only tip in ETH, more tokens to come soon
  • You can only tip articles, not external links

But that's it.

How to tip a writer

Create a Kauri account, and sign in.

When you find an author you appreciate, On the left hand side of an article you can see how much an author has already received, and a "Tip Author" button. Clicking it asks you to specify an amount and opens your wallet to ask you to confirm the amount. That's it!

Tip Author button

Specify tip amount

To see a summary of tips you sent to writers, open your profile page from the avatar in the top right, then Manage, Tip History and Tips Sent.

History of tips sent

Collecting your tips as a writer

As a writer, you should receive tips to the Ethereum address you registered to Kauri with. To see a summary of all the tips you have received, open your profile page from the avatar in the top right, then Manage, Tip History and Tips Received.

History of tips received

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