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The Graph - Sponsor Bounty at ETHDenver 2019!

Company/Project Name and Description

The Graph is a query protocol for Web3. You can use The Graph to index data from Ethereum and IPFS and easily access it from front-end applications using GraphQL.

Bounty 1 Overview: Best usage of The Graph

Description: Do you need to get data from Ethereum for your hackathon project? Use The Graph to access that data and qualify for a chance to win. We recently announced Graph Explorer, the easiest place to get data from Ethereum and IPFS. We launched with 7 partners: Dharma, Compound, Uniswap, ENS, Origin, Decentraland, and Livepeer. If you're using any of these protocols for your dApp, The Graph is the easiest way to pull that data into your dApp. Play with queries in our integrated Playground and when you're ready, fetch the data using a GraphQL library like Apollo.

Prize Amount: $2,500

Bounty 2 Overview: Best new subgraph on Graph Explorer

Description: We recently announced Graph Explorer, the easiest place to get data from Ethereum and IPFS. For your hack this year, you can create your own subgraph for a chance to win. A subgraph defines how to index data from Web3. This subgraph can be for a smart contract that you're building for your project or it can be for an existing set of Ethereum smart contracts like FOAM or Gnosis.

Prize Amount: $2,500

  • Deploy to Graph Explorer or run Graph Node locally

    • We recently launched Graph Explorer to make it easier than ever to deploy a subgraph. For instructions on how to run the Graph Node locally check this guide.

  • Create a Subgraph

    • Follow this guide to see how to create a Subgraph. Your subgraph will ingest data from Ethereum smart contracts and make it available for querying over GraphQL.

  • Use the GraphQL API

    • Only requiresd for bounty 1. Use the generated GraphQL API for building your frontend. There are many ways to use GraphQL but we suggest React + Apollo. We are providing a starter app if you need it.

  • Ship

    • That’s what this hackathon is all about. Play with some cool tech and put your brain child into the wild!

Judging Criteria for both Bounties

The Graph team will look for the following when assessing your projects:

  • Creativity of the idea
  • Potential utility of the dApp
  • Completeness of the implementation, technical difficulty and code quality

Contact Information

Yaniv Tal - yaniv@thegraph.com

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