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Tidbits - Smooth Web3 User Experience

Project Name


Project Tagline

Web3 with no extensions, no modals, just flow. Offload the tricky stuff to the network.

Team Members

Taylor Dawson, Gabe Ibarra, Bradley Clarke

Status IDs

Gabe - blankgriffin, Taylor - Foba, Bradley - bradleyc or

Detailed Project Description

Tidbits is a simple game with a simple experience - assemble brief poems, word magnet style.

Visitors to the site who arrive without an in browser wallet are given a key. A unique contract then manages gas for the user, ensuring that there is always just enough (test) ETH in their wallet to keep playing.

Tech Stack

  • Dapp runs on Quorum POA network
  • Custom Oracle using ION protocol bridges Rinkeby to POA network
  • Decentral Key / Transaction manager accepts login from OAuth provider (Google) to create keys for user. Also signs transactions.
  • Dapp incorporates a gas management contract
  • Rinkeby based subscription manager to allow Dapp developers to keep their dapp running

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Key Management / Transactions

article image article image



Bounties Completed

Clearmatics - Build the Ion protocol Quorum - High Performance / Public Private Chain


Main project - "Main net" subscription manager - Oracle / bridge repo -

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Article On-chain
Article Author

Bradley Clarke




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