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Token Bonding Curves for Social Impact Crowdfunding

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A proof-of-concept interface for launching curve bonded crowdfunding campaigns for social impact causes and organizations.

Token bonding curves offer new opportunities for the continuous funding of public goods, programs, and services. They enable equitable incentivization models and unique governance opportunities to activate communities around common goals and projects. By designing a simple crowdfunding campaign interface we are able to distill the complexities of the token bonding curve into a adoptable user experience that people could start using today (reason we used Portis!). Our example use case is the creation of a Rocky Mountain National Park commons to fund the maintenance and support of the park in light of our frequent and destructive government shutdowns.

Seth Feibus, Cory Dickson, Saga Arvidsdotter, and Abbey Titcomb seth, cody, saga, abbeyskywalker (status)

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React, Giveth, 3box, Ethereum, Truffle, Node, IPFS, Portis Wallet integration


Impact, Portis, 3Box, Zeppelin, IdeasByNature

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Kevin Ho

17 Feb 19