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Towards a Humanist Blockchain Future

By Lane Rettig

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While Casper FFG (the “friendly finality gadget,” a.k.a. Vitalik’s casper, which provides finality on top of the existing proof-of-work-based system) is the primary proof of concept candidate in the Shasper “Ethereum 2.0” roadmap, Vlad has been diligently at work for some time on his own Casper workstream, titled Casper CBC (“correct by construction”), which entirely replaces proof of work with a new, provably correct block proposal and fork choice scheme. Until now, that work has been largely t

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Lane Rettig (eWASM Core Dev) vs. Ameen Soleimani (Spankchain) Lately, community members have suggested allocating a proportion of block rewards to core devs, EF, infrastructure projects, etc. ( EIP-1890 ) Evan Van Ness — A simple way to fund more public goods in Ethereum that makes everyone happy . ( evanvanness.com ) Ameen states he opposes the EIP now due to politics and uncertainty. ENS ’s Nick Johnson wishes people would stop defending hostility by arguing that the strength of the arguments

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