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Ethereum 101 - Part 1 - What is Ethereum?

Purpose of Document The purpose of this documentation is to serve as a springboard for anyone looking to gain utility from the Ethereum network. What is Ethereum? Ethereum can be explained many different ways. Ethereum also means different things to different people, and by the end of this document it will also mean something to you. To be prudent and concise, I want to cite an author, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, that I feel does a great job summarizing what Ethereum is from both a computer science

Wil Barnes

5 min read

13 Feb 19

Gamifying Crypto Assets with the ERC998 Composables Token Standard

Assets can be complex. Take a house, for example; youre not just selling the ownership of the land it sits on, but also the physical attributes of the building - the foundation, the wood, the interior walls, the roof, the stairs. Sometimes, if youre selling a fully furnished house, that asset will also include expensive furniture pieces such as couches, dining tables, bed frames and more. When it comes to crypto, attributing an ERC721 token to any non-fungible asset doesnt give you the space to

Ramy Zhang

26 min read

08 Aug 19

Remix IDE - Your first Vyper smart contract

Remix IDE - Your first Vyper smart contract The easiest place to start writing smart contracts in Vyper in with the online Remix IDE. As its an online IDE, theres no need for installation or development environment setup, you can open the site and get started! Remix provides tools for debugging, static analysis, and deployment all within the online environment. To use Remix with Vyper, you first need to enable the Vyper plugin from the Plugin Manager tab. You can find the source code used in thi

Onuwa Nnachi Isaac

6 min read

29 Aug 19

Truffle: Smart Contract Compilation & Deployment

Truffle: Smart Contract Compilation & Deployment This article covers the steps required to setup Truffle and use it to compile, deploy and interact with our Bounties.vy smart contract. You should see that this is a much easier process than the manual steps we learned in the previous article. __ You can find the source code used in this tutorial here What is Truffle? To recap, Truffle is a Node based development framework which is currently the most used and actively maintained smart contract dep

Onuwa Nnachi Isaac

15 min read

29 Aug 19